The Sweater Awakens


So WHO’S EXCITED FOR THE NEW STAR WARS, YOU GUYS.  I am, albeit with a soupçon of trepidation.  Because, listen, I went on Opening Day to see The Phantom Menace in ’99.  My boss let me out of work early and everything.  When I left the theater, I could do little else but sputter indignantly for, like, three hours.  I SHOULD HAVE JUST STAYED AT WORK.

But honestly, I’ve geeked all over my desk at the trailers for this one, just like everybody else, and I have a deeply personal relationship to the franchise, just like everybody else, and I just want to go in and lose my shit the way I did when I was 6 and my mom took me to see A New Hope in 1977.  I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

Happy Birthday, Eighth Grade Lisa!

click to see in its full size glory!

Click to see in its full size glory!

I’m 45 years old today. Not gonna lie, not gonna joke about how great it is to be 29. I’ve got 45 well-earned years on me, and while I might have a few more wobbly bits than I did in my “salad days,” I think I’m still fairly smokin’.

Doll cakes were the rage when I was a youngster. I remember having one for my First Communion, but I don’t think I had one for my birthday, and certainly not during 8th grade. So here it is.